Community Owned Enterprises [COE]

Community Owned Enterprises is a Not-For-Profit organisation, providing people living in regional and remote locations with enterprise development opportunities regardless of their socio-economic environment, location, education or employment status. We are committed to empowering and supporting people living in these communities to build better economic futures for themselves, their families and for the future generations to come.


Our primary objective is to build stronger regional and remote communities. We do this by identifying and creating enterprises opportunities, then work in close collaboration with local leaders, to facilitate the development of community operated, and ultimately owned, enterprises.


Every enterprise we assist, is done so with a vision of facilitating direct employment and training opportunities for local people. The intent is to develop every feasible concept into a thriving local enterprise, that positively impacts the local economy. Most importantly, profits generated are reinvested back into the local community.



    Cultivate new enterprise ideas, sharing experience and knowledge to enable action & make a difference


    Encourage community to identify local opportunities & take their initiative to succeed


    Care about communities’ social wellbeing by supporting & encouraging collaborations, partnerships & relationships between staff, customers and stakeholders


    Build strong business capacity & skills by supporting capable remote enterprises in community


    Strive to produce the highest standard of product & services that lead to efficiencies and improvements, pushing the company and associated enterprises upward


    Champion our organisation – take personal responsibility for achieving organisational objectives. Do what we say we will do and help others to improve their efficiencies


    Encourage the pursuit of creativity & innovation


    Work towards common goals through cooperation & teamwork


    Build sustainable futures for community through consistent and ongoing backend service support and well-placed investment of resources