Journey with us – Our story

We are Minjil, an indigenous performing arts group connecting people from all backgrounds with country, culture and age-old traditions through song, dance, lore and education.


Originating from Cairns in Far North Queensland we represent the perspectives and history of the Yidinji people. Our mesmerising performances transport and encourage audiences to come on a journey where dreamtime and the bond with all living things are strong and powerful.


Our every movement, action and delivery has meaning. Sharing our experiences with broader communities, not only enhances the knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture but inspires change and is there to create a positive impact for future generations.

Minjil is a sole trader partner with Community Owned Enterprises (COE)

Creating Opportunity & Supporting
Business Growth

Gain access to COE’s extensive networks to develop and grow the business.

Receive business advice, insights and support from experienced business professionals.

Administration and financial services support.

Facilitating strong local economies through self-sustaining business ventures.

Meet our Founder

Carl Fourmile
Artistic Director and Founder

Carl Fourmile is the Artistic Director of Minjil and is a Yidinji man from the land of Gimuy in Far North Queensland. Cultural performer, practitioner and local leader in Indigenous Arts, Carl has strong roots in dance, lore, and education. His passion for the arts, his people and their history extend to mentoring youth, and those wanting to connect their understanding of Aboriginal culture.

A key facilitator in workshops, Welcome to Country and local cultural tours for the past 15 years in Cairns and Sydney, Carl is proud to be an ambassador for his people and to work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities alike.

Minjil is bigger than just one person, however Carl is at the centre, coordinating and directing local indigenous performers who are enthusiastic and skilled in their craft.

Minjil Services

We work with companies and events of all sizes. Our services are delivered with professionalism and evokes a different dynamic, energy and enriched experience to your next event.


Looking for ideas that are interesting, entertaining and educational? We work with you to provide a customised proposal that aligns your requirements with our services.


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Traditional Dance Performance

Song and Dance 
Stories and beliefs interpreted through song
and dance.

Welcome to Country

Connection to Country

Yidinji members with each of their own unique form of welcome.

Burning of the Bark

Smoking Ceremony

Yidinji smoking ceremonies are utilised for the blessing of new premises, place of significance and cultural activation of a space.

Corporate Cultural Awareness Programs

Local Yidinji language and history, customs, beliefs and culture etiquette and how this has evolved in the 21st century.

Includes informative discussions on working together with respect for land, belief systems and identity.

Cultural Educational School Presentations

Presentation 1

Interactive traditional dance, fire making, boomerang
and spear throwing

Presentation 2

Yidinji traditional fun games

Performance Highlights

Dance Rites at the Sydney Opera House

The Commonwealth Games

Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair (CIAF)

Anzac Day National commemorations

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