Constructing impact in Mapoon

Ten new construction trainees are now working across Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council worksites assisting with the build of new housing for their remote Western Cape community. With road access to the coastal community on Cape York cut for the majority of the wet season (from December-April), progressing local capability and skills are key to ensuring long-term projects can continue year-round, as well as empowering and up-skilling its members.


To this end, construction training in Mapoon has been facilitated through the strengthening relationships between Community Owned Enterprises (COE), Kuku’nathi Services and project mentors the “Na’Muk’a’Run’ Mob”. Since the beginning of the year, all three organisations have worked closely with the local council to develop a beneficial program for the community.


Ten Indigenous construction trainees pose with their three mentors in front of the Mapoon Aboriginal Council building

The ten trainees and their mentors Jack, Shaun and Jayden from the “Na’Muk’a’Run’ Mob”

The “Na’Muk’a’Run’ Mob”; Jack Wipa, Shaun Hall and Jayden Wapau-Charger have been especially instrumental in the implementation of this program, assisting with interviewing and onboarding the trainees and helping them through their first block of classroom training.


Jack, Shaun and Jayden will continue to visit the trainees every week for the duration of the six-month program to provide structured support and have also made themselves available to our participants as mentors.


a montage of construction tranees undertaking various tasks; building, sweeping, shovelling and posing with equipment

Trainees complete a wide variety of tasks throughout their training, equipping them for many different roles.





The trainees will work towards gaining their accredited Certificate 1 in Construction, which includes both classroom and site-based training. COE has equipped each trainee with uniforms, PPE, an essential toolbox and other materials to allow them to undertake the on-site component of their training as they work with council builders on the new housing.


Not only will the community benefit from the expedited construction of these housing projects afforded by the additional trainees, but all ten traineeships have also been taken up by Mapoon residents, ensuring that the capacity developed through this program has a direct and lasting impact on the local community.


Read about the progress of the program here.


This training has been made possible by funding from the Queensland Government as part of the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative.