Kuku’nathi Services

Kuku’nathi Services deliver the Government’s Community Development Programme (CDP) in the Western Cape region including Weipa, Mapoon and Napranum and the communities surrounding these centres.

Kuku’nathi Services are supported by My Pathway and the Mokwiri Aboriginal Corporation.

Meriba Ged Ngalpun Mab

Meriba Ged Ngalpun Mab (MGNM) is a local Indigenous organisation based in the Torres Strait Islands, operating since 1 July 2019, delivering the Government’s Community Development Programme (CDP).

MGNM draw on local relationships, and support from joint venture partners, Gur A Baradharaw Kod Torres Strait Sea and Land Council (‘GBK’) and My Pathway to access a national network experienced in business development, certified training and community development projects.

MGNM honours tradition and culture in their efforts to improve employment and development opportunities and increase workforce participation in the Torres Strait.


Ngooderi delivers the Government’s Community Development Programme (CDP) in the Doomadgee region.

Ngooderi are supported by My Pathway and the Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire Council.

My Pathway

Community Owned Enterprises (COE) works closely with founding organisation My Pathway to identify opportunities for collaboration and supplementary programs to develop, connect and grow communities. My Pathway provides services in many of the communities in which we operate, either directly, or through joint venture partnerships as detailed above.

To find out more please visit mypathway.com.au